The show in Poland

Update: relations, videos, photos, etc. from the concert can be found in this news item:
2007-06-13 Stadion Śląski, Chorzów, Polska

Date: 2007-06-13
Place: Silesian Stadium, Chorzow, Silesia, Poland
Tickets: 110 PLN, 165 PLN

Gates opening: 15:00 (3 p.m.)

13th June 2007 — that’s Wednesday.

The concert

The rumours that Pearl Jam will play in Poland in 2007 floated around since early December. Lately they even appeared in the biggest Polish media and that was one of the reasons that promoter decided to confirm the show so early (on 20th of January).

The show will be the only one in the Central-Eastern Europe during 2007 European tour. Here’s the full touring schedule:

  • 8th June, Passeio Maritimo Alges, Lisbon, Portugal
  • 9th June, Festimad, Madrit, Spain
  • 12th June, Munich, Olympiahalle, Germany
  • 13th June Stadion Śląski, Chorzów, Poland
  • 15th June, Jammin’ Festival, Venice, Italy
  • 16th June, Nova Rock Festival, Vienna, Austria
  • 18th June, Wembley Arena, London, England
  • 21st June, Ltu Arena, Dusseldorf, Germany
  • 23rd June, Southside Festival, Tuttlingen, Germany
  • 24th June, Hurricane Festival, Scheebel, Germany
  • 26th June, Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 28th June, Geoffert Park, Nijmegen, Netherlands
  • 29th June, Werchter Festival, Werchter, Belgium

The support acts

American band Linkin Park will perform before Pearl Jam, promoting their upcoming, yet unnamed album. Actually it’s not a support act but a second headliner, which means the band will play a full set. Full set like Pearl Jam playing before Tom Petty and U2.

There will at least one more opening band, most probably a Polish one.

At this moment a detailed schedule of the whole event is unknown.

External links:
The official Linkin Park site:
The Polish Linkin Park site:

The venue

Silesian Stadium (Polish: Stadion Śląski) is the biggest Polish football (soccer) stadium and the official home ground of the Polish national football team. It’s capacity (during the shows) is about sixty/seventy thousands.

The Stadium was built in 1956. Although much changed since then it is still an old-fashioned venue — which means that seated sectors are far away from the play field. If you’re not going to GA area we recommend taking a binoculars.

External links:
The official site:
Silesian Stadium on Wikipedia:
Silesian Stadium on the Google Map:

The city

Chorzów is a small city (only 33,5 km2), but together with other towns of Upper Silesian Industry Area it’s the biggest urban zone in Poland. Basically Chorzów and Katowice (the city where Pearl Jam played last time in Poland) are the same — you won’t notice when you leave one city and arrive another.

There’s not many things to see in Chorzów — it’s an industrial city full of factories and warehouses. However it’s very close to Cracow and Wroclaw, which are the most beautiful towns in this part of the world (hey, maniacs! Last time Pearl Jam were in Poland they slept in Cracow ;)).

External links:
The official site:
Another official site:
Chorzów in Wikipedia: — visit this site especially if you are curious about pronunciation of „Chorzów” (and then try to say it yourself ;))

The country

Poland is a middle-sized country in the Central-Eastern Europe. Despite rumours and stereotypes the country is civilised and the weather is good for the most part of the year :)

Sites worth to see before your visit in Poland:
Some useful information about lifestyle of Poles.

Pearl Jam played here three times. For the first time in 1996, on Torwar, in Warsaw (the capital city of Poland). Listen to mp3s from that show.
Later, in 2000, they played two shows in Katowice. Both of them were great, yet the second one is one of the best they ever did (band members seems to like it a lot too). Watch videos from the second show in Katowice


There are two price categories: 165 PLN (approximately 56 $ / 42 €) for the seated sectors placed in front of a stage (behind general admission area, marked orange on an image below) and 110 PLN (approximately 37 $ / 29 €) for general admission and seated sectors on the sides (red and blue areas on the image).

Lately a so-called VIP tickets have been made available. For 400 PLN (approximately 137 $ / 103 €) you get seats in front of the stage (sector number 30, marked green).

Tickets are available in:

TicketPro They accept credit card orders.

Live Nation
You can also book tickets through a promoter’s website but the only accepted form of payment is a postal money order. Also the booking is valid for three days only — if they don’t get your money by that time the order will be canceled.

Figures from 1 to 7 on the image below are the numbers of a gates.

Map of Silesian Stadium

TenClub pre-sale is over.

Travel (general info)

Useful information about travelling to Poland can be found on as well as on aforementioned Wikitravel.

By plane

When travelling by plane you have several airports to choose from.
Here is the list of them – click on the links to get know which airlines make flights to which airport and from what countries.

  • Katowice – the closest to Chorzów you can get by plane
  • Cracow close to Chorzów (60-80km plus there is a highway), a lot of cheap airlines
  • Wrocław little bit further from Chorzów, but a beautiful city well worth a visit
  • Warsaw capital city of Poland – quite far from Chorzów, but many airlines
Cheap airlines flying to Poland ↓
Aer Lingus
from Ireland to Cracow, Warsaw or Poznań
from Scotland and Ireland to Katowice, from England (London), Ireland, Italy to Cracow or Wrocław, from many other European cities to Warsaw
from UK to Cracow or Warsaw
from Scandinavian cities (Oslo, Stockholm, Trondheim) to Krakow. From various European cities to Warsaw
from UK or Ireland to Cracow, Warsaw, Wrocław
from various European cities to Krakow (+ shuttle bus to Katowice)
from various European cities to Katowice or Warsaw is probably the best place to find a cheap flights to Poland

By train

It is possible that there will be special trains on the day of the concert — most probably from Warsaw, but possibly also from other cities like Szczecin, Gdynia or Gdańsk.

The standard in Polish trains varies but it should be OK if you decide on InterCity/EuroCity.
Also the same company that provides InterCity trains has a separate, cheaper brand TLK. For some reasons they often use 1st class wagons as a 2nd class ones, therefore it could happen that you will ride in the best class at the price of the worst :) The bad thing is that TLK trains usually ride slower.

There are some promotions going on constantly, like for example Superwagon which let you ride in the 2nd class IC for only 29 PLN (approx 10$/7,25€). It applies only to selected traces though (eg. from Warsaw to Katowice) and number of tickets is limited. But even if you don’t get this one you should not be worried as train tickets in Poland are rather cheap.
More promotions

More info on trains can be found on InterCity site. You can buy ticket online through that page too.

External links:
Great online trip planner:

How to get to Chorzów

From Munich

Day before the show in Chorzów Pearl Jam plays in Germany, in Munich. The distance between these two places is about 900 kilometers. How to get over it?

By bus ↓
By plane ↓

From Warsaw

Choose train or plane. You won’t get directly to Chorzów thought, but to Katowice — this is of course not a problem as it’s almost the same city.

By train ↓
By plane ↓

From Cracow

By train ↓

From Katowice

The map below shows the most important points in Katowice and Chorzów: train station, tram stops, the venue. Click on the baloons to get more info

From Katowice airport to Katowice center ↓

From airport to Katowice you can go by:

From Katowice center to Chorzów ↓

If you go from Katowice Airport by bus you will be left next to Spodek — the venue where Pearl Jam played in 2000. There you can take a tram to Silesian Stadium.
First: buy the ticket for 2.4PLN (0.6€/0.8$) in one of the kiosk you should find around. Then take one of the following tram lines:

  • line no 6, direction: Bytom Plac Sikorskiego
  • line no 11, direction: Chebzie Pętla
  • line no 23, direction: Stadion Śląski
  • line no 33, direction: Stadion Śląski
  • line no 41, direction: Bytom Politechnika Śląska

We suggest studing tha map above precisely in case of any doubtless.

You Forgot Poland

During the latest European tour of Pearl Jam, in 2006, Polish fans organised a little action in regret of not having a concert in their country. The idea was based on a famous slogan „You Forgot Poland”. The origin of that phrase comes from a statement by George W. Bush concerning Poland’s involvement in the Iraq War, which was said during the first presidential election debate with John Kerry, in 2004.
Read the full story on Wikipedia.
In our action we pointed that words onto Pearl Jam along with the image of discontent Bush. See the image below.

Pearl Jam - You Forgot Poland - T-shirt

What everybody liked about the whole thing was that it was simple, funny and referenced a politic in a „Pearl Jam manner”.

Polish fans worn such t-shirts on a concerts they attended. During a first Lisbon show the tee was showed to Mike McCready. As he couldn’t see what was on it he requested a fan to throw it to him. When he got the shirt he laughed and said he’s sorry. Later he presented the t-shirt to Jeff Ament (this is what we saw) and most probably also to other members of the band (he took the t-shirt off stage after the main set and returned with it for the second encore).

Another big moment of the action was a concert in Prague, where there was a lot of Poles with the t-shirts and a big banner with the slogan. Ed Vedder saw it during „Yellow Ledbetter” and improvised a verse: „I will never forget you there”
Watch video documenting the moment Eddie spot the banner (a second one on the page) and the other one where you can hear changed lyrics.

We don’t know for sure if the fact that Pearl Jam will play a concert in Poland has something to do with the action but we suppose it does, at least in some small percentage. Hopefully we will get know on 13th of June.